Schicksal, Humor und Gelassenheit…..oder „das Übel“, „der Spaß“ und „die unausweichliche Methode“, damit umzugehen!                                                              Meiner Meinung nach, drei Konstanten im Leben, die nicht weg zu denken sind, und/aber  einander bedingen! Time for Poetry!

Humor and Fate                                                                                                                (they meet each other)                                                                                                     „What about your mood today?“ (Humor asks, like he always does)                               Fate answers:“Get out of my way!“                                                                                     But Humor says (with a tiny bit of sorrow and laugh in between)                                         so you don’t really mean                                                                                                          what you say,                                                                                                                      look around – what a day!                                                                                                   Well, „you are right“,( Fate says)                                                                                         the day looks bright!                                                                                                             but tell me: don’t you often miss it,                                                                                      this feeling, being in a big pool of misfit?                                                                                  Humor grins:“ No, never. I am looking for the bright, wide and  lovely smile,                       it’s so much easier, and for a while,                                                                                     it’s so much longer                                                                                                              – and believe me! It’s so much stronger!                                                                           Fate:“You are an amazing fool, believing in laughing an so much fun,                                  what the hell, have you ever done?                                                                                Humor, still smiling…“oh, it’s a question of being done?“                                                          I didn’t even know it, what a great fun!                                                                                   Fate: „I can’t stand no longer your constantly smile-                                                            he shouts,“stopp it for a while!“                                                                                              So Humor whispers:“ sorry, but I can’t do this.“                                                              cause I know, I can’t miss!                                                                                                    So they went on, in their way to bother,                                                                                but they really  couldn’t meet each other!                                                                                Meanwhile, someone took place-                                                                                          not taking part, but watching the haze….                                                                                and suddenly, Humor and Fate lost their tense-                                                                    in an upcoming way of sense-                                                                                                Calmness appeared                                                                                                                 what a great moment- all of them  cheered! (Barbara Steiner)





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