London by heart

LONDON-Seven Day Diary

A town, that gave me the taste oft the Old,                                                                             but almost more of the New,                                                                                           where I was caught and hold-                                                                                               by astonishing views!                                                                                                          Places so charming, that I could feel-                                                                                    being part of a tale, almost real!                                                                                          There’s a building, which looks like a castle,                                                                         St. Pancras, fits in, like a puzzle.                                                                                    King’s Cross, next to the Junction,                                                                                           more a place of art, than of function.                                                                                   Places called Paddington and Piccadilly,                                                                              rather good for passing, but less for chilling!

The cars, they attracted attention-                                                                                     they go left, look right- I had to mention!                                                                             And when I was busy, somehow in trouble,                                                                          just, hopped on a red bus, a comfortable double!                                                                    He guided me, and kept me dry-                                                                                          and so many others, were passing by!                                                                                                                                                    There’s a big green oasis, where I could Hyde;                                                                      a Park-in the middle, shiny and bright.                                                                                      just taking a rest, right under a tree,                                                                                     time for the best, a little cup of tea!                                                                                     Felt the relief, keeping out distress,                                                                                         the cars, and all of the business!

I also went to the middle of Earth,                                                                                        getting a feeling of zerO, taking rebirth!                                                                                    But when I came back from Greenwich, right into Modern-                                                 the Tate gave me back, the time and the flow then!                                                                 Another feeling of a trip to the past-                                                                                    with the Underground, it may be fast-                                                                                 going to Soho, Portobello, Covent and Camden,                                                               took a quick sandwich, with cheese and ham then,                                                           watching the scene of the old market-                                                                          spending my money on the best target!

Canary Wharf, and the Docklands, by ship is-                                                                         also a must- I commit this!                                                                                                     But later, I  had to look for a Pub,                                                                                     drinking a beer, and watching the Cup.                                                                            People, they give you a warming welcome,                                                                              that’s not usual, the place, where I come!

Next day for breakfast at St.James at the INN,                                                                  what a great deal, the day to begin!                                                                                       Nearby, I got a touch of the Queen,                                                                                      her Royal Highness, never been seen…………                                                                      the guards, the horses, the Ben and the bridge…………..                                                         so many people, so I had to switch                                                                                      and go for some calmness-                                                                                                     taking a walk on the Pier, kind of harmless!

And a little bit tired of all these sightseeing,                                                                              I went  out to Kew’s Garden- for my well being.                                                                        There are so many plants, I never have seen,                                                                          a place for research, keeping the green.                                                                                Getting some nature experience, a beautiful taste-                                                                  for sustainability, against all the waste!

The Victorian house, where I’ve slept in,                                                                                in beautiful Hackney, free of a flat screen……                                                                      with old squeaky doors, made of wood!                                                                                  And so much little things made by hand-                                                                             telling more of it, it never will end!

There’s still so much to see in this exciting city,                                                                     I’m afraid, time’s running out, what a pitty!                                                                        Thank you London, for these wonderful days-                                                               saying by heart, love you so many ways! (B.Steiner)


2 Gedanken zu „London by heart

  1. Hi Bärbie,
    tolles Gedicht – und auf Englisch, wow!!!!!
    Respekt – so etwas krieg ich auf Deutsch schon nicht zusammen…….. ;o)
    Have a nice week!

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